Double Action Cardiothoracic Harness



Complete Cardiothoracic Protection



Double Action Cardiothoracic Harness

is a medical harness developed by our company GCS, to offer complete thoracic protection to all patients (women and men) recovering from a heart operation or any kind of thoracic operation involving sternotomy.

After a cardiothoracic surgery that involves a sternotomy, patients face to major challenges:

General instability of the thoracic wall and the sternum

Intense coughing and expectoration

These two conditions can be highly painful, stressful and demoralizing but also dangerous (they can lead to sternal fractures and additional surgical actions but also infections and inflamations of the wound). The correct and safe fusion of the sternum has vital importance and it will accompany the patient for many years.

Sternshield, thanks to its innovative, patented Double Action design, is able to function both as an elastic and a non-elastic harness providing complete protection against both of these challenges:

As an elastic harness: Sternshield offers 24/7 adjustable, elastic support against the general instability of the thoracic wall for the whole post-operation period, guaranteeing a safe, quick and stress free recovery.
As a non-elastic harness: Sternshield offers complete immobilization of the sternum and the thorax for enhanced protection during coughing, phlegms and strenuous movements.

Our company’s focus on maximum efficiency and funcionality makes Sternshield the easiest, lightest and most effective solution for every patient.

All of our materials are of the highest quality (OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified) and either 100% natural (cotton), when that is possible, or otherwise with the highest percentage of natural yarns. Thanks to its patented Double Action design, Sternshield is able to offer the highest level of thoracic protection to every patient without using plastic or hard components.


Minimization of post-operational complications risks (infections, mediastenitis, fractures)

Facilitation and acceleration of mobilization process

Immediate feeling of security and safety

Facilitation of respiration

Particularly recommended for high risk patients (obesity, diabetes melitus, osteoporosis, fractured sternum)


Complete, 24/7 Double Action protection

Can be used immediately after the operation

Can be worn by patient alone

Functional even when worn under clothes

Comfortable and light

Easy to wear, use and adjust

Natural, skin friendly materials

No plastic or hard parts


About us

Gcs was established in Athens, Greece in 2012. Our aim has always been to develop innovative products with an emphasis on maximum efficiency and quality.

All of our materials are 100% natural, when possible or otherwise with the highest percentage of natural yarns and in accordance to the highest international quality standards (CE MDR 745, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100).

Our products have been developed by our company, which is the owner of all the relevant patents, in close co-operation with some of the most prestigious medical teams in Greece and Europe.