Sternshield has an immediate effect on pain relief for the patient as much as a psychological one. The patient immediately feels the thoracic area to be steady and secure…. Sternshield represents a far superioir solution to everything else that has been demostrated to the clinic’s team.


MD, FETCS, Director, Dept of Cardiac Surgery, Evangelismos Hospital, Athens

Sternshield facilitates the avoidance of chest infesctions as… it minimises the movement of the sternum area and the creation of related inflamations.
S. Prapas

MD, FECTS, Director of Cardiac Surgery Dpt. Henry Dunant Hospital, Athens

Feedback from the patients who have used Sternshield revealed an excellent record of effectiveness, especcially in re-operated patients who could compare their recovery with and without it.
F. A. Chronidou

MD, PhD, Cardiac Surgeon, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Athens

In cases of median sternotomy, it (Sternshield) decreases the post operative pain, it helps the earlier mobilization of the patient and the consolidation of the thoracic cage… In cases of rib fracture it helps to stabilize the thoracic cage, it helps to avoid pulmonary atelectasis and post traumatic pneumonia and diminishes the traumatic pain.”
A. Krassas

MD, MSc, FETCS, Thoracic Surgeon, Hygeia Hospital, Athens